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This program was designed to help the patient throughout their ninety-day postoperative period.If your patient is comfortable beginning with one of the later books, be sure to encourage them and let them know that they are ahead of schedule. Some patients may be able to begin the program on one of the more difficult books.The Crystalens® vision workbooks are a series of six different books used for post-Crystalens vision therapy.

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If they stall at one book and have trouble finishing it, you may wish to give them another copy and keep them at that level for a few more weeks.

The therapy should start two weeks after surgery on their second eye is completed.

For example, some may need to use only books four through six.

Our overall objective is to provide the patient with tools to help on their road to visual rejuvenation.

Our surgeons will be able to discuss whether an accommodating IOL is the right choice for your visual needs.

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