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“We can eat later.” Victor stops shaking him for a peaceful moment and Yuuri wills for sleep to take him. Victor hums and Yuuri can’t tell if it’s in thought or displeasure.

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Yuuri hums in delight at the affection and at the taste of the tea as he takes a sip.

He can feel the creamy consistency of the honey, and the sweetness complements the mild spice of the ginger nicely.

While this song isn’t exactly about haters, it is about the people who hold us back from achieving greater things.

We’re sure that at the end of this playlist, you’ll realize that all those people don’t really matter at all!

Yuuri slumps over like a ragdoll, blanket pooling at his waist, and stares blearily ahead. “Sore throat,” Yuuri responds as he rubs it, though it obviously does nothing to help as the discomfort is internal. Which he’s not, because he’s not sick, Yuuri thinks to himself firmly. And you slept with the window open,” Victor continues.

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