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Scrub your online profiles before you go job-hunting.

List your hobbies and volunteer activities, and comment on or post articles you find interesting.

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En español | When you get passed over for a job and you're over 50, it's tempting to pin the blame on ageism, or say that you were overqualified for the position or that there was a younger worker willing to work for less pay.

And while all that is certainly possible, it might well be that you made some simple (but avoidable) mistakes.

There should be enough here to keep you busy reading until Christmas!

Here is the Update Table of Contents: In 2015, after fulfilling all of STERA, Inc.'s formal requirements for accessing materials in our various collections, the Board of Directors voted to approve Giulio Fanti's request for access to three of the remaining tape samples from the Ray Rogers Collection.

For me, that's the best way to catch missed words and grammatical mistakes.

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