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The Birthday Gift was a 'Game' - A Unique Life Experience That Was Life-Threatening, Turned Elite Wealthy Investment Banker Nicholas Van Orton's World Upside-Down; It Was a Gift Given By His Younger Brother Conrad, To Make Nicholas' Life More Intriguing and to Prevent Him From Repeating His Father's Suicidal Fate Nickie was a wealthy, cold-hearted, analytical, privileged and soulless, workaholic, "control-freak" San Francisco investment banker executive, divorced from his wife Elizabeth (Anna Katarina) who was living in Sausalito with her new doctor husband.

You know, we're like an experiential book-of-the-month club.

She does exercises regularly and during particular film, her workout becomes more intense and more oriented towards that movie.

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Even in the movie, GONE GIRL, she took ten days to lose weight, and went off the high sodium diet she was on.

She consumes a lot of protein and good fats, avocados and almond butter, salmon too.

Rosamund Pike, notably one of the most talented and top-earning actors in Hollywood, made her screen debut almost two decades ago but was not noticed back then.

In 2014, the world took notice of her in the movie GONE GIRL, and she thus became a household name to reckon with.

She still has her residence in London (her place of birth) and lives with her partner, businessman Robie Uniacke.

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