i am dating a recovering alcoholic - Speed dating hamburg germany

We do visit the country once in a while, especially Hamburg since it’s only 1h45 away with the train but we might never consider other candidate cities in Germany for our expat life.A special invitation from the city & a personal wish to see past my love for Berlin leads me to do that today.

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Speed dating hamburg germany

Continue Reading…Some things in life have become so familiar to us that we don’t even question it. Continue Reading…In the past few years, there has been an abundance of new ways to learn a new language.

I’m thinking about queuing 2 hours for Berghain, waiting too long for a Döner at Mustapha’s or giving up on the idea of ever buying real butter (no margarine) at Lidl & Aldi. One could also say the same about how most of us define ourselves. Numerous apps are promising to make you speak a new language in only 2 weeks for example.

Time has taken its toll on Berlin’s once famous affordable housing market.

Like many other up and coming cities before (Paris in the 60’s, San Francisco in the 80’s, Brooklyn since the 90’s), the German capital’s attractive lifestyle has brought many newcomers wanting to have a piece of the pie too.

We talked about language in schools in Berlin in this post but i have seen on Facebook groups and forums many questions on how to pick the right one.

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